Darren never fails to deliver when it comes to creating a top end high budget sounding record! His ability to write catchy hooks are second to none, and his mixes always sound so clean. I have worked with him on many songs and every record is always delivered at the same top quality, he never falls short of delivering that perfect mix.
He’s also a brain box, and knows the industry inside out. So if you’re looking to work with someone that has huge experience, a wide skill set within music (from writing-singing-producing) and great direction, Darren is definitely your go to guy, without any need to hesitate.


Darren is such a hard working producer that will always go that extra mile for his clients. Darren’s work ethic is so on point with his ability to bring a track to the next level each and every time. Every piece of work delivered by Darren is made to be perfect. Darren brings out the best out of his clients and pushes them to their limits to make them sound the best they can be. The quality in his records are very strong and always very outstanding.


Darren is exceedingly hard-working , he goes to the extreme to ensure his clients are pleased and his abilities are endless.  Every song he produces are of quality and to perfection.  Darren works to his clients needs and puts time and care into every song he produces.  I love working with him !


Darren is straight up G. Anyone that has worked with him will tell you the same thing. Being in the studio with Darren is an honour as he puts his heart and soul into the music so the room is just bouncing with vibes! The belief and passion towards the artists is just unmatched which drives you to exceed your potential. If you want the best in the game GET AT DARREN!


I’ve been working with Darren for a while now and I’ve got nothing but good words for him. Not only is he the best producer and songwriter I’ve ever worked with, but his want to help everyone in such a tough industry is amazing. He does things that he doesn’t HAVE to do, just because he wants to see people succeed. He creates magic in his studio, and the rate he works at never fails to amaze me. To create something so big and catchy in such little time is just unreal. That doesn’t come from someone whose purely learnt how to make music, it comes from someone who KNOWS, someone who has always had it in them, someone who is naturally, musically gifted. I thank Darren for everything he’s done for me and everything still to come!